The May 2018 Pembertea Box

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Music, Mothers & Matrimony

Socialization during the Regency was centered on large gatherings featuring music, dancing and recitals. People would be able to drop the rigid formality normally seen in society and (gasp) hold hands when dancing. In the absence of TV and radio, musical recitals brought people together.

* Reading Nook Black Tea Blend from PlumDeluxe Tea Co. All organic, caffeinated loose leaf tea blend made from black tea, rosebuds, lavender, and chamomile

* "Dawn" Art Print from the 2005 movie, Pride & Prejudice. Printed on high-quality, touchable papers and featured in an attractive, acid-free matte ready for your 5"x7" frame.

* Royal Wedding Commemorative mirror and three pins celebrating the May 19th union of Harry and Meghan!

* You are guaranteed to have sweet dreams with this "Dreaming of Darcy" 200 thread count pillowcase

* All natural, hand-crafted White Tea & Mint soap for you or would make a lovely gift to the Mrs. Bennet in your life

* This months musical charm to add to your Pembertea bracelet.