Tea Sampler - Spring 2018

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We can't just let tea that we have over-ordered just sit on our shelves. And there is NO WAY we can drink this much! So you can now get these wonderful, high quality teas that we have featured in past boxes at a ridiculously low money out of your pocket!

Bingley Tea - Lizzy Bennet's Wit - A tea for an "obstinate, headstrong girl." A blend of black tea, cranberry and a touch of sweetness and cornflower ribbons to accent her "fine eyes." Contents: Sri Lanka black tea, China black tea, blueberries, cranberries, cornflower, safflower and natural flavoring. Approx 1oz,

Plum Deluxe - Reading Nook Blend Black Tea - An organic, free-trade blend of joy. Pairs with creativity, reading, writing, conversating and relaxing. Contents: black tea, rosebuds, lavender, Chamomile and natural flavors. Approx 1oz.

Albion Tea - Loveliness Itself - Pure, simplistic blend that accents the subtle flavoring of green tea. Contents: Organic Jasmine Green Tea and Organic Rose Petals

Tea Drops Single Serving Organic Pressed Tea - will be either Rose Earl Grey Tea Drop or Sweet Peppermint.

INCLUDED: whimsical silicone strawberry tea steeper