SOLD OUT - The July - 2017 Pembertea Box

SOLD OUT - The July - 2017 Pembertea Box

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SOLD OUT! - This is for a single unit of a past Pembertea Box. This is NOT a subscription.  The July 2017 Pembertea Box contains:

Handcrafted Organic Tea Mixes by Albion Tea Company

While we consider this a close cousin to an earl grey tea. Crafted with a superior ceylon tea, we use dried bergamot herb for its earthy richness, contrasted with the light, refreshing flavor of lavender buds. Ingredients: organic ceylon tea, organic lavender buds, organic bergamot.

Awaken and refresh your mind naturally, whether you need to focus on a project or stay awake for those last several chapters of late night reading. Enjoy hot or iced. Ingredients: organic peppermint, organic cinnamon, organic lemongrass.


Pride and Peppermint Lip Balm by Read My Lips Apothacary
Handmade beeswax lip balm! Naturally moisturizing ingredients means a quality good-for-your-lips product. All natural with a strong peppermint bite.  Ingredients: Unrefined coconut oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E Oil (soybean oil, Vitamin E), & Peppermint Essential Oil.

Jane Austen Playing Cards by SmashGiant
Jane Austen Playing Cards: Perfect for playing the classic English game, Whist. The card suits/her novels:

  • Hearts-Pride & Prejudice
  • Diamonds-Sense & Sensibility
  • Clubs-Emma
  • Spades-Persuasion

Green Tea Bath Bomb by Sanity Soaps
This Bath Bomb is a pastel green with a green tea scent. They are very effervescent and moisturizing to the skin because they contain Mango and cocoa butters. This may leave a slippery residue. Please be careful to avoid a fall.  Ingredients: alcohol, colorant, grape seed oil, borax, cocoa butter, fragrance oil, distilled water, mango butter, cornstarch, citric acid, baking soda

Two Reading Buttons and Pembertea Refrigerator Magnet by Pembertea

Jane Austen Quote Necklace by Pembertea
“If a book is well written, I will always find it too short” The image is covered in domed glass, as glass gives an unbeatable quality and also a nice weight to the pendant with a 16 inch silver plated chains.

“Tea Time” Heart Tea Strainer by Pembertea
Perforated infuser is heart shaped, and handle has lovely, openwork hearts.  All stainless steel.


* * * NOTE: Purchase of this box does NOT include the exclusive Founders Circle gift keychain that subscribers received with this box * * *

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