10 Signs You May Be Addicted to Jane Austen

YES, it’s a legitimate addiction. And NO, I do not want to know the cure.

  1. You’ve read “The Mysteries of Udolpho” just because you wanted to see if it was as scandalous as they say. Bonus points if the same holds true for “The Mystery of the Forest”
  1. You have at least one copy of every book Jane wrote but that doesn’t stop you from buying more (same goes for all the DVDs - even if the movie was awful!)
  1. You're still a little angry at Cassandra Austen for burning all those letters
  1. You think empire waists are flattering and would like to see a return of elbow length gloves
  1. You’ve actually said “He’s just like Mr. Collins!” to define someone annoying and your friends completely understood what you meant 
  1. When you discovered Little Jane Austen board books, you knew you would never be clueless about a baby gift again
  1. You randomly use the phrase “incandescently happy” and just saying it makes your heart smile
  1. You own a wax seal of your initial and look for random opportunities to use it
  1. You have used the words “hedgerows” and “divine” in the same sentence
  1. You want a return to manners and civility but you know you would never survive during that time cause you swear too much

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  • Amy on

    Yes, yes, yes to all of these!!!!

  • Concepcion on

    I love Jane Austen books and tea

  • Jennifer on

    I do believe I have found my people.

  • Dawnita on

    I catch myself calling our oldest daughter “Dearest” occasionally too. When I’m not “Incandescently Happy” a nice cup of tea and a good cry always helps.

  • Megan on

    I love this !

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